Project collaboration for the 21st Century.

Construction Cloud’s construction management app comes from your world.

Work is structured around people and teams – not bulk document repositories.

Closer to site, closer to the action.



Scale seamlessly from the concept team to the construction team delivering during peak production.

Because your projects aren’t rigid, your project management platform shouldn’t be either.

Whatever work you do, there’s a Construction Cloud team for it.

All of this with a single click and no investment in internal or external IT infrastructure.


Create and edit your own digital document templates from scratch, or select from your library.

Deploy and update your templates across your workforce in real time to guarantee compliance.

Upgrade your current systems with our construction management app to automate version control.


Create your culture of reporting due to clarifying key performance indicator metrics.

Standardize your project and portfolio data to avoid double, triple and quadruple handling.

Produce actionable insights with your own clean and customizable dashboards.


Find your issues instantly to avoid nasty end of month surprises.

Automate progress reporting by removing your team’s excess emails, phone calls and text messages.

Take action on outstanding task approvals immediately to keep field crews moving.


Standardize critical business processes for complete control over your project records

Retain your Intellectual Property by collating and organizing your project records.

Create consistency by cloning your successful processes from project to project.


Find the commercial records you need when you need them.

Information from last week, last month or last year, is all available instantly.

Negotiate with certainty, even when staff turnover.


Capture accurate as built records and plot field data against your digital model.

Boost the credibility of your evidence with standardized time, date and location meta data.

When everything is changing on site, make sure you never miss a moment.


From the deepest tunnel to the tallest tower

Work anywhere with our fully native construction management app for iOS and Android.
Everything is in sync. We’ll keep your place so you can always pick up wherever you left off.



As many as you like – some of our customers have up to 300.
Yes, you can deploy different templates for different projects and teams.
Your data can be exported and taken offline, or accessible as a completed project in your portfolio.
Yes, all information will be stored on your device temporarily and sync when connection to data or wifi is restored.
Depending on your role, we have a range of inbuilt interactive tutorials for you to learn on the go.

Start Streamlining With Our Construction Management App Today

With customizable tools to govern every function across your portfolio –
monitoring compliance has never been easier.