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Nothing slows you down when constructing a new asset like repetitive defects and failed audits.

To help you achieve your handover goals and maintain positive stakeholder relations, our construction quality control software gives you total quality control and automated performance monitoring.

Customise to fit your team

Every project and team is different – and we don’t believe you should have to change how you work to fit into software. Instead of looking for the right fit, with Construction Cloud you can make exactly what you need.

Get everyone on the same page

Instead of using parts of a system that works, and other parts that don’t, on Construction Cloud everyone is brought together into a common workspace to save time.

Select dashboards and reports

You can overcome performance challenges and drive new initiatives by making visible what truly matters. Select your KPIs and monitor progress in real time.

A Quality Manager recently introduced Construction Cloud across their portfolio of projects. Until recently, they had an archaic system that only got used when it absolutely had to.

Checklists and ITPs had to be completed manually on paper, and information from the field could not be attached in real time. At the end of every project, all of the stakeholders were left with a big pile of useless information.

Here is how this Quality Manager streamlined processes and increased the quality of information shared amongst project stakeholders.

Prior to contract award, the project’s client mandates the use of Construction Cloud for Quality Assurance Management to ensure they receive high quality handover information upon project completion.

The Quality Manager kicks off their project and aligns processes with the project’s quality management plan. Best practices from their previous projects are taken and altered for this project so that document templates do not have to be reinvented from scratch.

A Senior Project Engineer creates site specific checklist templates and deploys them across all device types with enabled access for suppliers, subcontractors and the client.

A Site Engineer completes their ITP checklist in the field, attaches marked up photos and videos before signing off electronically. The independent engineer views the evidence and releases the hold point instantly, ensuring that the concrete pour isn’t held up.

During the weekly meeting on site the team reviews the quality dashboard, which ensures everyone has open access to performance data. Actionable and visible information focuses the team around essential tasks.

Missing something?

At any time you can build your own templates or select from your library using your Digital Document Builder.

Create and edit your own digital document templates from scratch, or select from your library.

Deploy and update your templates across your workforce in real time to guarantee compliance.

Upgrade your current systems and processes to boost productivity and automate versioning.

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