Integrated processes that align to your project’s needs.

1. Standardise Online

Systems and Controls teams can replicate the natural communication structure of a project, and then deploy data capture templates across multiple field teams.

2. Start Work

The Safety team can create, publish, and manage flexible workflows across the entire project, ensuring compliance and visibility.
The Commercial team can mandate the use of customisable templates that reduce the risk profile when engaged other contractors and suppliers.
Collate golden photographic and video evidence of work completed, unexpected finds and site progress in chronological order, creating a timeline from start to finish.

3. Improve Metrics

Everyone can see daily metrics on a dashboard to determine what is working well, what needs to improve, and check costings against budget in real time.

4. Quantify

Teams can link program data to capture delays and claims that impact critical path.

How do I know that my team will use it?

Don’t take our word for it, take theirs.

Still not sure? Try for yourself for 30 days

Education and tutorials

Let our inbuilt content and walkthroughs help you and your team get setup and learn as you go.

Support Data and Metrics

Track your team’s engagement and quantify the benefits.

Live Support

We’re here when you need help, no waiting for emails back. Get answers in minutes not weeks.

Frequently asked questions

Subscription costs vary depending on the size and nature of your project. Click on the Free Trial button to get started for free, and someone from our sales team will be in contact.
Yes, type ‘Construction Cloud’ into your app store to download our mobile app.
We have seen first-hand how advancements in cloud technology are under-utilised in the construction industry, both by legacy systems as well as current document management providers. Our mission is to remove the clutter in your life and let you get back to what really matters – constructing the world’s infrastructure.
Yes, your Work Breakdown Structure can be segmented to allow certain parties access to certain project components.
Yes, if your TBM has a wi-fi router on board, or if your road header drive has wi-fi routers following, you can connect. If you do not have wi-fi all information will be stored on your device temporarily until you return to the surface.

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