Project Controls Software for Ultimate Insight

For project controls and systems teams who want automated performance metrics directly from the front line.


Report Types


Useful for visualising performance and tracking quantities.


Useful for setting goals and monitoring progress.


Useful for visualising how often different events occur.


Useful for keeping track of workflow and form status.


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Nothing slows you down when trying to steer a project like incorrect or out of date information.

To help you understand where to spend your time and course correct as required, our project controls software gives you custom dashboards with live data from all of your digital documents.

Customise to fit your team

Every project and team is different – and we don’t believe you should have to change how you work to fit into software. Instead of looking for the right fit, with Construction Cloud you can make exactly what you need.

Get everyone on the same page

Instead of using parts of a system that works, and other parts that don’t, on Construction Cloud everyone is brought together into a common workspace to save time.

Select dashboards and reports

You can overcome performance challenges and drive new initiatives by making visible what truly matters. Select your KPIs and monitor progress in real time.

A Project Controls Engineer recently adopted Construction Cloud’s project controls software for their project. Until recently, most of the controls were focused around financial reporting, which only reveal the end result.

Their project team needed a deeper understanding of production performance to identify the root cause of financial headaches. Previously they had to track this data in excel, quadruple handle it across multiple sets of hands, print it out and then stick it on the wall for management to review.

Here is how this Project Controls Engineer streamlined processes and increased the quality of information shared amongst project stakeholders.

The Project Director is using Construction Cloud’s project controls software to set production goals and the performance framework across their various site teams. Production targets and actuals are displayed in real time, providing actionable insights to those on site who are best positioned to make a difference.

A Project Controls Engineer is establishing new automated reporting standards across their various site teams. Through standardizing of site records and tracking templates for concrete, steel and excavated material, they have removed double, triple and quadruple handling of information.

The Construction Manager is reviewing production data on the big screen during their weekly team meeting. Openness and visibility unite the team at ground level around common goals with a culture of reporting, leaving little room for narrative.

Missing something?

At any time you can build your own templates or select from your library using your Digital Document Builder.

Create and edit your own digital document templates from scratch, or select from your library.

Deploy and update your templates across your workforce in real time to guarantee compliance.

Upgrade your current systems and processes to boost productivity and automate versioning.

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With customizable tools to govern every function across your portfolio, monitoring compliance has never been easier.